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When Women’s Rights Ignored Around the World, Nations Fail

When nations fail to protect their women, not allowing them to take on a full role in the everyday life of society, the nations themselves fail, according to a recent story by The Economist, comparing examples from Afghanistan under the...

Euripides’ Medea and Her Terrible Revenge Against the Patriarchy

Euripides’ dismissal by some as a misogynist sits uncomfortably alongside his complex and sympathetic female characters. By Paul Salmond The Athenian poet Euripides was the last of the three great Greek tragedians, after Aeschylus and Sophocles -- and also the least successful. Greek tragedies were...

Taliban Announces Hardline Interim Government

The Taliban announced the formation of a hardline interim government for Afghanistan on Tuesday, with some main posts taken by veterans of the militant group and their allies in the Haqqani Network, based in North Waziristan, Pakistan. A Taliban spokesman...

Desperate Effort to Rescue Afghan Girls Soccer Team from Country

Desperate international efforts to get the Afghan girls' soccer team out of the country continue after the ISIS-K bombing last week cut off their route to the airport, temporarily stopping their bid to get themselves and their families out...

Afghanistan’s Only Music School Shuts Its Doors

Afghanistan refugee Ahmad Sarmast, a descendant of a well-known music composer, had left the country of his birth and found asylum in Australia in the 1990s but returned to the war-torn country to found a music school in 2010. But...

The World Must Stop the Taliban Sexually Enslaving Women and Girls

For women and girls, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is terrifying. It brings back memories of their brutal 1996-2001 regime.

Six Women Murdered by their Husbands in Seven Months in Greece

In Greece, six women have been murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in just seven months.

How the One-Piece Swimsuit Played a Role in ‘Freeing’ Greek Women

It is hard to imagine that just over 100 years ago, a woman could find herself being arrested for wearing a one-piece swimsuit at the beach!

Biden Blasts Turkey’s Withdrawal from Convention on Women

Joe Biden slammed Turkey's decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention combatting domestic violence and violence against women.

Greece Ranks Low On Women Abuse Survey

Greece has one of the lowest rates of abused women, according to the figures published by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Although numbers are pretty high, Greece is still in the lowest bracket of the report. It...