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Tatoi Palace

New Museum for Former Greek Royal Family’s Vintage Cars

Tatoi Palace, the former Greek royal family's Athenian residence, is to be converted into a museum that will also house their fleet of vintage cars. The vehicles were almost forgotten after having been abandoned at that domicile in Athens...

Prince Charles Keen to Preserve Former Royal Estate in Greece

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis paid a visit to the 18th-century Dumfries House estate on Tuesday following an invitation by Prince Charles of Wales, to discuss possible best practices for the former royal summer estate in Tatoi north of...

New Fire Erupts Near Athens as Blazes Rage on in Ilia, Evia

New fires have rekindled in Varympompi, north of Athens, on three fronts. The ominous developments occur just one day after the previous fire.

Priceless Wine and Spirits Treasure Discovered at Greece’s Tatoi Palace

Restorations at Greek royal family's former palace, Tatoi, have unearthed a wine cellar filled with rare alcoholic beverages.

Greece To Restore Historic Royal Carriages of Former Monarchs

Twelve royal horse carriages discovered at the premises of the famous Tatoi Palace in Athens in 2020 have been approved for restoration.

Culture Ministry Approves Restoration of Tatoi Palace

The Central Council of Contemporary Monuments approved on Saturday an architectural study and preliminary static report for the restoration of the former summer palace of Tatoi, located 27 km from the city centre of Athens, on the mountain of...