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Thessaloniki: The Undisputed Capital of Greek Sweets

Thessaloniki Capital of Greek Sweets

Savory Christmas Choux Recipe from Greek Chef Giorgio Pintzas Monzani

Give a Mediterranean and Greek twist to your appetizers or your Christmas cocktail evening with savory Christmas choux this year. By Giorgio Pintzas Monzani Savory puffs of choux pastry with leek and pumpkin filling, along with feta cheese, will add just...

86-Year-Old Greek Baker Wows Tourists with Traditional Phyllo Flair

Giorgos Hatziparaskos, an 86-year-old baker from Crete, is one of the last people who creates the iconic Greek phyllo dough by hand.

Greek Pastry Chef Creates Masterpieces Using Chocolate (Photos)

Have you ever thought about eating a famous piece of art? How about a delicious Picasso or a tasty sculpture from Michelangelo? George Avgeros, an executive pastry chef, also known as the Magician of Chocolate may offer you the chance...

Koulouria: A Traditional Greek Easter Dessert [video]

Koulouria, also known as koulourakia, is a Greek top pastry for Easter season, as they are both suitable for people who fast, as well as delicious and simple to make. The root of the word koulouria roughly translates to...

Greek Pastry Chef a Hit in Denmark

Nikolaos Strangas from Kalamata and Mani in Greece set off on a mission seeking a better future.  Finally this pastry chef's sweet dreams, literally, became a reality. Strangas studied to be a pastry chef  on the island of Rhodes, Greece and attended...