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The First Mother Spanking Her Child With a Sandal is a Greek Goddess

The Greek goddess Aphrodite threatening her unruly child, Eros, with the back of her sandal appears to have started a tradition among mothers that is still practiced in cultures around the world today. It is depicted on ancient Greek vases...

The Top Five Craziest Greek Gods

As we count down the top five crazy Greek gods, many will wish to know who the absolute craziest is. But what should the criteria for crazy be exactly? This is difficult to say. Calling people crazy is sometimes insulting....

The Ancient Greek Origin of the Word ‘Panic’

The word panic comes from the name of the Greek god Pan, who was reputed to cause humans to flee in maddening fear. Initially, the word described the intensity of a feeling of unjustified, individual, or collective fear similar to...

Altar to Greek God Pan Discovered in Ruins of Byzantine Church in Israel

An Israeli archaeologist uncovered a stone altar to the Greek God Pan Heliopolitanos during excavations in a Byzantine church.