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Thousands of Sardines Land Onshore on Greek Island

Thousands of sardines somehow lost direction and ended up trapped in the harbor of the Greek island of Koufonisia. Locals rushed to the port with fish nets to get as many as they could. The small fish seemed to have...

Explore Lesbos Island, Greece

Big and beautiful Lesbos, or Lesvos, is the third largest Greek island after Crete and Evia, and the birthplace of the ancient Greek poet Sappho. It boasts stunning natural landscapes, including beautiful beaches, lush green mountains, and picturesque villages. It's big...

Ouzo, The Spirit of the Greek Summer

The anise-flavored drink Ouzo is deeply connected with the nation of Greece. It is simply the spirit of Greek summer which no one can copy.

Greek Alcohol Exports Achieved Historic Heights in 2022

Greek alcohol exports reached historic highs last year according to Eurostat statistics processed by SEAOP. Ouzo proved particularly popular and was hailed as the "flagship" of the Greek alcohol industry. Greek alcoholic beverages were especially sought-after in Germany, which was...

A Bottle of Ouzo—and Its Connection to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla

How does ouzo, the anise-flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus, relate to Albert Bourla?

China Honors Greece at 18th International Beverages Expo

China will honor Greece in April at its 18th China International Beverages Expo (CIIE) held in the city of Luzhou. It will be the second time they have done so, the first being in 2019. Greece is a comprehensive strategic...

Volos: Greece’s Capital of Tsipouro

Nestled between the stunning Mount Pelio and the Pagasetic Gulf in the Aegean sea, Volos is a picturesque city known for its tsipouro.

Greek-Australians Launch “OuzoTalk,” Podcast on Greece’s Libation

The Greek diaspora now has a new podcast to listen to, following this week’s launch of "Ouzo Talk" across all major podcasting platforms. It is co-hosted by Nick Athanassiou and former journalist Tom Skolarikis. Listen to the podcast: The two proud...

Eight People Injured in Alcohol Distillery Explosion in Central Greece

An explosion at an alcohol distillery near Larissa, central Greece, has left at least eight people injured on Friday.

Ouzo and Tsipouro are Officially Greek Beyond Europe Too

The European Union approved the geographical indication for ouzo and tsipouro, making the famous alcoholic beverages officially Greek.