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Hagia Sophia

Six of the Most Important Greek Sites in Turkey

There is an almost uncountable number of ancient Greek and Byzantine archaeological and historical sites in Turkey.

Legends About What Lies Under Hagia Sophia

The former Basilica of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (Constantinople) is the undisputed symbolic center of the Greek Orthodox faith, hosting millions of visitors each year who are awed by its great religious, historical and architectural importance. From 537 to 1453...

The Brave Greek Priest Who Held a Liturgy in Hagia Sophia in 1919

A brave Greek priest managed to hold an Orthodox liturgy in Hagia Sophia in 1919, at a time when the iconic cathedral was being used as a mosque. It is commonly believed that the last Orthodox liturgy in Hagia Sophia...

Archbishop Elpidophoros Slams Turkey as Erdogan Celebrates Hagia Sophia Anniversary

Archbishop Elpidophoros issued a statement on the occasion of the first anniversary of the conversion of Hagia Sophia into an Islamic mosque.

Hagia Sophia: The Center of Greek Orthodox Faith Through the Ages

The Hagia Sophia remains the symbolic center of Greek Orthodoxy, even centuries after its fall to the Ottomans and its conversion to a mosque.

The Sound of Hagia Sophia, Recreated Centuries Later

The sound of Hagia Sophia was recreated recently by two scholars from California’s Stanford University by simply popping a balloon. Bissera Pentcheva, a professor of art history, has published a book on the subject titled “Hagia Sophia: Sound, Space, and...

US State Department Slams Turkey on Ecumenical Patriarchate, Hagia Sophia

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken addressed reporters after the release of the 2020 Religious Freedom Report, making no mention of Turkey.

“There’s No God But Allah” in Hagia Sophia Notes Turkey

Turkey illuminated Hagia Sophia, the historic Byzantine Church, now turned mosque, with a "There's No God But Allah" sign on Saturday.

United States and Turkey Sign Cultural Property Agreement

The United States and Turkey signed a "Cultural Property Agreement" on Tuesday which ostensibly calls for the protection of cultural property in Turkey but has set off alarm bells in the academic community, with many fearing that it paves...

Erdogan: Conversion of Hagia Sophia into Mosque "Crown of 2020"

In an address to the nation, Turkish President Erdogan called his decision to convert the Hagia Sophia into a mosque the "crown of 2020."