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The Human Soul Explained by Ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates

For ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, the soul lives in the ideal realm, as it is eternal, unchanging, and survives the death of the body. Plato, a student of Socrates, is one of the world's most well known and studied philosophers....

‘Greek Philosopher’ App: Wisdom from Ancient Greece at Your Fingertips

The "Greek Philosopher" app gathers more than six hundred of the most profound words of wisdom from the major schools of ancient Greece and delivers them straight to you on your cell phone. Based on original sources, this work is...

Six Female Philosophers From Ancient Greece

When we think about ancient philosophers we tend to imagine old men as deep thinkers. Women too have helped shape modern thought.

Greek Philosopher Pythagoras and His Famous Theorem

The influence of Pythagoras in mathematics and philosophy remains strong today along with the mysteries surrounding the great Greek philosopher

Doctor Who Experienced Afterlife Says It Was Like Plato’s World of Ideals

Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon doctor who claims to have experienced the afterlife during a seven-day coma, says the experience was like Plato’s world of ideals. In 2008, Dr. Eben Alexander went into a coma after catching an acute bacterial infection...

Secret Plato Code Discovered and Solved, Historian Claims

Did Plato hide a secret code in his writings? Dr. Jay Kennedy, a historian and a member of the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Life Sciences, recently published a scholarly work parsing the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato's writing, discovering...

Mr. Avgolemonos: The Unique Athenian and His Bukowski-like Philosophies

Mr. Avgolemonos is one of the best known cult figures in Greece, whose fame as a social commentator has spanned for more than three decades.

Socrates Retried and Acquitted in Australia

The Hellenic Museum of Melbourne “resurrected” Socrates for a retrial. Almost 2,400 years after the famous Greek philosopher was sentenced to death by poison, he was once again put to trial in Australia, in the presence of some of...

Alain Badiou Wants to Make Movie on Plato Starring Brad Pitt

French philosopher and translator of the latest edition of Plato's Republic, Alain Badiou, wants to make a movie about Greek philosophers Plato and Socrates starring Brad Pitt and Sean Connery, with Meryl Streep in the role of "Mrs. Plato." In a recent...