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Stefanos Kasselakis: The Rising Star of the Greek Left

Stefanos Kasselakis is the rising star of the Greek Left after winning the first round of the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance election for party leadership

Father Dimitrios: The Orthodox Monk Who Was a British Spy

The story of Father Dimitrios, the monk who turned out to be a spy for the British Intelligence Service in pre-World War II Greece

Dekemvriana: Ground Zero in the Greek Civil War

December 3, 1944 saw one of the bloodiest and most polarizing incidents in the history of the Greek civil war. Known as "Dekemvriana" (from December, the month it began), the Athens incident has come to characterize the period of...

The Athens Grande Bretagne Hotel is Entwined With Greek History

The historic Grande Bretagne Hotel was built less than fifty years after Greece won its independence and the modern Greek State was beginning to take form. It was built across the King's Palace and now stands across the Greek Parliament...

Truman Doctrine: How America Helped Greece Avoid Falling into Soviet Orbit

The 1947 Truman Doctrine was crucial for Greece to avoid falling into the sphere of Soviet influence while the country was ravaged by the Civil War (1946-1949)

Stavroula Gouvousi: The First Woman Executed in Greece

The first ever woman to be executed in Greece after the court gave her the death penalty was 63-year-old Stavroula Gouvousi

Rare Video of Easter in Greece During the Civil War

A rare video, located in the British archives Bristish Pathe, depicts the Easter celebration in Greece, the years of civil war in 1947.

The Fatal December that Led to the Greek Civil War

"Δεκεμβριανά" (Dekemvriana, December events) is a crucial chapter in modern Greek history and signifies the beginning of the Greek Civil War and the long-lasting division of Greeks to "rightists" and "leftists." The departure of the German occupation army in October...

From Greek Civil War to SYRIZA's Rise to Power in 5 Minutes [Video]

Paul Mason is a British journalist on Channel 4 who recently created an impressive five-minute video, in which he scrupulously describes the rise of Greek leftist party SYRIZA to power in January 2015. Mason's narration begins with the Greek civil war...

The December 1944 Events that Brought the Greek Civil War

Τhe power vacuum created in Greece after the withdrawal of the German occupation forces in October 1944, generated a disorder that resulted in battles in December between the forces of the Left and the newly formed Greek government armed...