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Microplastics Found in Human Blood for the First Time

Microplastics are in water, soil, air, and just about everywhere around us. Now experts have also detected microplastics in human bodies, the bloodstream of most humans, heart muscles, lungs, and even in placentas and feces of babies. Eating and...

Plastic Litter on Beaches Makes them Hotter by Day, Colder by Night

New research shows that not only does plastic litter desecrate the beauty of beaches around the world -- it actually makes them hotter by day and colder at night, changing the environment that is home to beach-dwelling creatures such...

Greece Bans Single-Use Plastics to Protect Environment

Greece is banning a large variety of single-use plastics on Saturday in a move to make the country more environmentally friendly.

Greenpeace: Mediterranean in Grave Danger From Plastic Pollution

More than 1,455 tonnes of plastic are currently believed to be floating on the Mediterranean Sea, while 94% of plastic waste is currently coating the seabed, based on the latest estimates. According to the head of Greenpeace's campaign for...