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Greek Poet Cavafy’s Home And Museum In Alexandria To Be Restored

Τhe Cavafy Museum in Alexandria is set to be restored by the Onassis Foundation in collaboration with the Hellenic Foundation for Culture,

La Grecia Salentina: Where Greek Language and Culture Still Survive

Nine villages in southern Italy collectively known as La Grecia Salentina (Salentine Greece) or, in the local dialect, Griko have maintained aspects of the Greek language and culture that have survived for centuries. Recently, Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou visited the...

Spending a Day in Plaka, the Oldest Neighborhood in Athens

Spending a day in the Plaka district in Athens is an experience that stays with travelers for a lifetime.

Carnival in Naoussa, The Unique Tradition With Ancient Greek Roots

Greece is a country where the annual Carnival season is closely linked to its rich and very ancient folklore tradition. Dozens of beloved local festivities take place each late Winter across the entire country. However, very few have as deep...

Greek Artist Presents Innovative, Eco-Friendly Origami Fashion

A paper dress may not be the right outfit choice for rainy weather, but Greek artist Mirto Dimitriou's signature origami fashion, which includes clothes, jewelry and paper accessories, is not only original but also eco-friendly. The young artist from Thessaloniki...

Video: Do Turks Hate Greeks, and Vice-Versa?

Turks and Greeks are neighbors sharing a long history that goes centuries back, but the history of the two peoples is marred by a rivalry that today seems fabricated

Ioannina: A Romantic Weekend Getaway to the Magical Capital of Epirus

Visiting Athens is the perfect excuse to take a short drive to Ioannina, the capital of Epirus. Is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

Hellenistic-Era Sanctuary Uncovered in Central Greece

Ancient Greek and Hellenistic era structures were discovered by the in the archaeological site of Skiathas, in Larissa, central Greece the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport announced on Friday. According to the announcement, the excavations took place in an...

Greece Markets Famous Ancient Olympia Olive Oil

Citizens of the world can now enjoy a taste of Ancient Olympia, home to the Olympic Games, in the form of its olive oil. The Hellenic Ministry of Tourism and Sports, along with the Office for the Promotion of Cultural...

When Boris Johnson Admitted Removing Parthenon Marbles Was Wrong

A letter from 2012 written by the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to a local Greek politician, came to light on Tuesday, revealing Johnson’s admission that the Parthenon Marbles should never have been removed from Athens. Not even a...