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The 1,500-Year-Old Byzantine Sandals with Sweet Message in Greek

A pair of sandals from Byzantine times discovered during a dig in Istanbul have become one of the major attractions of the city's archaeological museum. The sandals have a message in Greek which reads: "Use in health, lady, wear...

Byzantine Army: The World’s Most Formidable Multi-Ethnic Force

The Byzantine Army was among the most powerful and effective military forces in the world from the 7th to the 12th centuries. Starting to operate around 395 AD, the army of Byzantium was a continuation of the mighty East Roman...

September 6, 1955: The Violent Istanbul Pogrom Against Greeks

In 1955, the Greek population of the city of Istanbul were the victims of a heinous pogrom that resulted in the suffering and death of many.

The Brave Greek Priest Who Held a Liturgy in Hagia Sophia in 1919

A brave Greek priest managed to hold an Orthodox liturgy in Hagia Sophia in 1919, at a time when the iconic cathedral was being used as a mosque. It is commonly believed that the last Orthodox liturgy in Hagia Sophia...

Archbishop Elpidophoros Slams Turkey as Erdogan Celebrates Hagia Sophia Anniversary

Archbishop Elpidophoros issued a statement on the occasion of the first anniversary of the conversion of Hagia Sophia into an Islamic mosque.

Hagia Sophia: The Center of Greek Orthodox Faith Through the Ages

The Hagia Sophia remains the symbolic center of Greek Orthodoxy, even centuries after its fall to the Ottomans and its conversion to a mosque.

Constantinople Greeks: The Cosmopolitans of the Byzantine Capital

Most people are aware of the song “Istanbul was Constantinople” and perhaps no better than the Greeks of Istanbul themselves.

Greek Fire: The Weapon that Protected the Byzantine Empire

Greek fire was a mysterious incendiary weapon that helped the mighty Byzantine Empire survive and ensure its vast sovereignty for centuries

Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans Keeps Memories of the City Alive

The Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans is keeping the culture and traditions of the Greeks from the city of Constantinople alive.

Hidden Byzantine Church in Constantinople Revealed in All Its Glory

A hidden Byzantine church and a holy spring were recently discovered at an excavation site in the Sultanahmet District of Istanbul.