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Market Economy Thrived in Ancient Greece 3,000 Years Ago

an international team of researchers claim that market economy thrived in Ancient Greece 3,000 years before previously believed.

Greece: Disaster Capitalism’s Disaster

Now that TieGate has thankfully ended, dynamic duo Alexis Tsipras and Yianis Varoufakis, fresh from unwittingly disparaging la cravate on their European roadshow, return to Athens to address the hopes of a nation they shoulder. World headlines may have...

Economist: Ancient Greeks Knew How to Raise GDP

Ancient Greeks had an understanding of the concept of capitalism and knew about economic growth, profit and gross domestic product maximization, according to an Economist article. In a series of articles on the concept of capitalism through the ages, the...

Director Emir Kusturica: 'Whatever Happens to Greece, It Has An Impact on the World'

Famous director and writer Emir Kusturica opened the 9th International Book Fair in Thessaloniki, where he presented his new book And Where Am I in the Story? The Serbian director/writer could not escape questions about the financial crisis and commented...