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Pfizer’s Bourla: Frequent Covid Boosters “Not a Good Scenario”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Saturday said people getting COVID-19 booster shots every four to five months is "not a good scenario" and argued that an annual vaccine would be a better approach to fighting the virus. Bourla told the...

Bourla Says Pfizer’s Anti-Covid Pill “Will Save Millions of Lives”

Pfizer's brand-new anti-Covid pill called "Paxlovid" reduces hospitalization and death risk by 89%, the company states as it readies to place the results of its studies before the FDA by the end of November. Taking the pills developed by Pfizer...

Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Gets Full Approval by the FDA

The Pfizer-BioNtech Covid-19 vaccine finally got full approval by the FDA today after months of study. The vaccine was the first on the world market. The vaccine had been given priority review treatment by the FDA as of July 20,...

Pfizer CEO Bourla – People “Will Need Third Coronavirus Vaccine Dose in 8-12 Months”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said definitively on Friday that people will need another dose of coronavirus vaccine in eight months to a year.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Speaks Out Against Vaccine Patent Waiver

The Greek CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, has expressed his opposition to the proposed waiving of coronavirus vaccine patents. 

US May Authorize Pfizer Vaccine For Children By Next Week

The United States may authorize Pfizer's vaccine for children aged 12 to 15 as soon as next week, CEO Albert Bourla said on Tuesday.

Pfizer CEO Bourla Receives First Dose of Coronavirus Vaccine

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told interviewers that he had recently gotten his first of two doses of the company's own coronavirus vaccine.

Pfizer’s Bourla to Receive National Father’s Day Award

Dr. Albert Bourla, the Thessaloniki-born head of Pfizer, will be awarded the title of "Father of the Year" by the National Father's Day Committee.

Bourla Cracked Whip to Push Scientists to Create Coronavirus Vaccine in Record Time

During the depths of the pandemic this year, when lockdowns and shutdowns were being imposed across the world in the desperate fight against the coronavirus, the situation seemed about as bleak as it could possibly be. In the dark days...

Pfizer/BioNTech Coronavirus Vaccine Cleared for Use by FDA

In triumphal news after a punishing year which unfolded with the coronavirus pandemic resulting in one medical, sociological and economic crisis after another worldwide, the vaccine produced by the American firm Pfizer and the German company BioNTech cleared the...