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The Great Fire of Thessaloniki that Completely Changed the City

The Great Fire of Thessaloniki, which broke out on August 18, 1917, completely changed the city's appearance and path of development. This catastrophe was one of the most decisive factors that determined what the city looks like today. The...

How The Gold of Florence Revived Greco-Roman Classical Art

In the early 1200s, the flourishing Roman-barbarian city of Florence was filling its banks and institutions with gold. Close to Rome and bordering on the Exarchate of Ravenna, Florence began garnering its own independence and political organization. Despite Latin...

The Academy of Athens: A Neoclassical Masterpiece

The Academy of Athens is lauded around the world as a marvelous example of neoclassical architecture, or architecture that draws on themes and aesthetics from antiquity, as filtered through a nineteenth-century eye. Located in the center of the city and...

Ernst Ziller, The Architect Who Designed Modern Athens

German architect Ernst Ziller left his own eternal, and magnificent, imprint on Athens by designing some of the city's most iconic buildings.

The Finalists for the Archaeological Museum of Athens in Pictures

On Monday, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport released conceptual images of the nine other architectural proposals for the design of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Ultimately, the winning design belongs to the architectural offices of David Chipperfield...

Six Architectural Landmarks of Modern Athens Lost Forever

Some of Athens's architectural landmarks were destroyed in the post-World War II years to make way for modern buildings that epitomized the rapid economic development of the country. Athens was the youngest capital city in Europe in the nineteenth century...

Iannis Xenakis, the Greek Composer Who Revolutionized Music

Greek composer Iannis Xenakis has an enduring legacy as one of the foremost composers of avant-garde music in the twentieth century.

Biophilic Skyscraper With Over 80,000 Plants Opens in Singapore

A biophilic skyscraper with over eighty thousand plants and trees spread out over 8,361 square meters has just opened its doors in Singapore. CapitaSpring, located in Singapore’s financial district, took four years to build and is now one of...

The Zappeion: A Neoclassical Landmark in Athens

One hundred and thirty-two years ago, in October of 1888, Athens' iconic Zappeion Megaron first opened its doors to the public.

Majestic, Traditional Greek 18th Century Mansion Restored in Thessaly

Exquisite decorations adorning a Greek traditional 18th century mansion in Central Greece are restored to their old glory.