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Did Greek Art Inspire China’s Terracotta Army?

The alleged “Greekness” of the Terracotta Army went viral, but archaeologists in China were skeptical of the influence of Greek art.

Ancient Greek Lion from Piraeus Now Adorns Venice’s Arsenal

The story of the Ancient Greek Piraeus Lion, which is now in Venice, is one of several which are part of Greece's long history of ancient sculpted masterpieces -- and their subsequent looting, which has meant that many of...

Ten Stunning Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Art

There are countless masterpieces of Ancient Greek art scattered in museums around the world.

The Stunning Vapheio Gold Cups are Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Art

The pair of stunning gold cups, called the "Vapheio Cups," are considered masterpieces of ancient Greek art. The expertly crafted gold objects were found at the Vapheio tholos tomb in Lakonia, Greece in the late nineteenth century. The pair of...

Like Us, the Ancient Greeks Loved Their Dogs

Ancient Greeks had a great love and respect for their dogs, cherishing them as companions, protectors, and hunters.

The Calf Bearer: The Story of the Magnificent Ancient Greek Sculpture

This is the first photograph of the magnificent statue "The Calf Bearer" when it was discovered on the Acropolis in 1864.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts to Reopen Behrakis Wing in December

There will be free admission for all at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on December 18 as the Museum celebrates the reopening of the Behrakis Wing, housing several Ancient Greek and Roman galleries. The museum, which has important holdings...

The Mystery of the Sleeping Giant of Naxos, Greece

An ancient giant statue has been lying on its back for centuries on a hill on the scenic Greek island of Naxos.

The Amazons Could Have Existed in Ancient Greece

The fierce, fearsome, war-loving female warriors known as Amazons existed in ancient Greece, according to American historian Adrienne Mayor. The Stanford University historian's book "The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women Across the Ancient World," reveals that such women...

Greek Gods Come to Life in Archaeological Finds from Turkey

An archaeological discovery in Turkey resulted in the unearthing of dozens of terracotta figurines depicting ancient Greek gods, men, women, and animals. The artifacts, which are over 2,000 years old, were found in the ancient Greek town of Myra, which...