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Ancient Greek Art

Ten Stunning Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Art

There are countless masterpieces of Ancient Greek art scattered in museums around the world.

Stunning Ancient Bronze Statues Discovered in Italy

History can never stay buried forever. Therefore, it is no surprise that the most recent excavations in Tuscany have revealed another stunning discovery. This time of two dozen Ancient Roman bronze statues in Tuscany. The sculptures depicting Hygieia, Apollo and...

Ancient Greek Female Artists: The Feminine Aesthetic in Antiquity

In antiquity, the pursuit of the divine arts was a purely male aesthetic practice. Yet, there were also a few important Ancient Greek female artists. It was only much later that historians began to consider their work as not...

Ancient Greece and Africa Share Long History

Africans and Ancient Greeks had long, rich history together often reflected in the depiction of Africa in Ancient Greek art. The first contact between Greeks and Africans was sometime during the Bronze Age. At this time, the Minoan culture...

World Animal Day: Like Us, the Ancient Greeks Loved Their Dogs

Ancient Greeks had a great love and respect for their dogs, cherishing them as companions, protectors, and hunters.

Vapheio Gold Cups are Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Art

The pair of stunning gold cups, called the "Vapheio Cups," are considered masterpieces of ancient Greek art. The expertly crafted gold objects were found at the Vapheio tholos tomb in Lakonia, Greece in the late nineteenth century. The pair of...

The Flowering of Athens in the Fifth Century B.C.

In Athens, the fifth century BC served as a period in which art, literature, and thought flourished, and it ultimately defines our image of Ancient Greece. by Patrick Garner In the 21st century, much of what the world thinks of as...

Greek Gods Come to Life in Archaeological Finds from Turkey

A recent archaeological discovery in Turkey resulted in the unearthing of dozens of terracotta figurines depicting ancient Greek gods, men, women, and animals. The artifacts, which are over 2,000 years old, were found in the ancient Greek town of Myra,...

What the World Can Learn From Greece’s Passion for the Arts

The Greek model of supporting the arts is both old and ongoing; it embraces difference and internationalism and believes art is the cornerstone to civil society. We should learn from that model.

The Mystery of the Sleeping Giant of Naxos, Greece

An ancient giant statue has been lying on its back for centuries on a hill on the scenic Greek island of Naxos.