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Ancient Gods

The Connection Between Sumerian and Bible Creation Stories

The most famous account of creation is undoubtedly the one contained in the first two chapters of Genesis. However, many other creation stories exist from all around the world. A few of them were even written in the Late...

The Cult of God Serapis in Egypt and the Greek World

The cult of Serapis in Egypt arose during Ptolemy I's reign and would become one of the centers of Ptolemaic soft power in the East and West alike. Serapis (Greek: Σέραπις) was a Greco-Egyptian god introduced in Alexandria of Egypt...

Greek Musicians Resurrect Thousands-Year-Old Orphic Hymns

A group of Greek musicians has been resurrecting the Orphic Hymns, a collection of eighty-seven hymns to the Gods which have been used in the mystical rituals of ancient Greece. PanArmonia is a musical ensemble consisting of 12 members and...

The 12 Greek Gods and Their Unique Superpowers

The ancient Greek gods remain a fascination around the world. As immortals with unusual powers, they appear in movies, books, video games.

Promitheia: Reviving the Ancient Greek Spirit on Mount Olympus

Each year, hundreds of people gather on Mount Olympus for the annual Promitheia festival dedicated to the Ancient Greek spirit.