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Why Alexander the Great Ditched Plan for Ancient Wonder on Mount Athos

Alexander the Great is said to have rejected a colossal project proposed by his architect and technical adviser Dinocrates to engrave Mount Athos. The architectural proposal which, if it had been carried out would perhaps have been the eighth wonder...

Hypatia: The Female Greek Philosopher Killed for Her Beliefs

Hypatia, one of the greatest philosophers of Alexandria, was admired for her groundbreaking ideas but was brutally murdered for them by Christian fanatics in the fourth century AD. Born around the year 360, Hypatia was a female Greek philosopher, astronomer...

The Sinking of Alexandria: Facing Up to the Catastrophe Coming

The Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, Egypt is in danger of vanishing under waves within decades. Alexander the Great's metropolis on the Nile Delta is on the edge of catastrophe due to the rising sea levels brought about by...

The Ancient Earthquake That Destroyed Nearly Everything on Crete

While the island regularly experiences earthquakes, Crete faced incredible destruction in antiquity after an ancient quake destroyed nearly everything on the island and the region in 365 AD. In fact, the underwater earthquake, which is believed to have been of...

Patriarch Theodore Briefs President Biden on Religious Freedom

President Biden met Theodore II, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa at the White House earlier in the week. Archibishop Elpidophoros of America said in a message that President Biden is a man of faith, and is...

Ancient Library of Alexandria One of Greatest Treasures of Mankind

The ancient Library of Alexandria, built in the city that was the brainchild of Alexander the Great, was one of the greatest wonders of the world, hosting scholars who explored science, history and all other areas of knowledge before...

The Greeks of Alexandria, Egypt

The story of Hellenism in Alexandria goes back more than two millennia, when Alexander the Great established the city.

Volcano, Climate Change Caused Destruction of Greek City in Egypt

The hiatus in Berenike, a Hellenistic city in Egypt, was a combination of volcanic eruptions and drought, scientists say

Ptolemy’s Invention of the Astrolabe Measured Time and the Stars

The exact time, the positions to the stars and planets, and our exact location were known to ancient Greeks as well thanks to the astrolabe.

The Greek Archaeologist in Search of the Tomb of Alexander the Great

For over fifteen long years, Greek archaeologist Calliope Limneos-Papakosta has been searching for the priceless tomb of Alexander the Great.