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Tom Hanks States He Could Appear in Movies after Death Using AI

Tom Hanks in Movies after Death with AI
In a recent podcast interview, Tom Hanks said that he could appear in movies with AI even after his death. Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson / Wikimedia Commons

Actor Tom Hanks has talked about a new technology that could allow him to continue working in films even after his death. The star of popular movies like Forrest Gump and Cast Away said that his image could be recreated using artificial intelligence (AI).

Hanks, who is 66 years old, said that AI technology could pose some challenges. These include artistic and legal issues. He made these comments during an episode of ‘The Adam Buxton‘ podcast. Neil Tennant, the singer of the Pet Shop Boys, also spoke on the podcast about how AI could be used by musicians to finish songs.

Hanks said that the idea of using technology to recreate images of people has been around for a while. The Polar Express, which was released in 2004, was the first movie to be completely animated using digital motion-capture technology.

Legal concerns relating to AI

Discussions are underway in the film industry regarding the protection of actors from the potential consequences of this technology, according to Hanks. He shared that various guilds, agencies, and legal firms are engaging in these conversations to address the legal implications surrounding actors’ faces, voices, and overall intellectual property.

Hanks emphasized that the prospect of recreating oneself using AI or deep fake technology is currently a genuine possibility. As an example, he mentioned that he could conceive a series of seven films where he stars as a 32-year-old, and this portrayal could persist indefinitely.

The actor highlighted that advancements in AI and deep fake technology enable anyone to present themselves at any age, adding that even if an unfortunate incident were to befall him, performances could carry on seamlessly.

The line between reality and simulated representation could become indistinguishable to the audience as AI and deep fake techniques continue to improve.

 Hanks could appear in films he wouldn’t normally choose

Hanks recognized that the advancements in technology might result in an AI-generated version of himself appearing in movies that he wouldn’t typically choose.

He pondered whether people would be able to tell the difference between the AI version and the real him, but more importantly, whether they would care, and he acknowledged that while some would be able to tell, there would also be those who wouldn’t bother.

The music industry is also grappling with dilemmas posed by AI. There have been mixed reactions from artists regarding its use in music production. Recently, a song created using cloned voices of Drake and The Weeknd was removed from streaming services.

However, a musician named Grimes has actively encouraged fellow artists to employ her voice for creating music.

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