Life events Euripides' Medea to be Streamed by National Theatre

Euripides’ Medea to be Streamed by National Theatre

Medea live stream
Medea. Credit: AMNA

Medea, one of Euripides’ most famed tragedies, will be live-streamed by Greece’s National Theatre on Sunday, January 10.
First premiered nearly 2,000 years ago at the City Dionysia festival in Athens, Medea will be brought into our time by director Martha Frintzila as part of the theater’s newly-formed Research Theatre.
By highlighting timeless themes in ancient works and comparing them to the contemporary experience, the Research Theatre hopes to open up ancient Greek drama to a wider audience.
The group brings these theatrical works from antiquity to life through reexamining conventions in terms of staging and performance for our time.
Euripides’ Medea, performed in a new translation by Nikoletta Frintzila with English subtitles, will open the National Theatre’s 2021 season.
Medea tells the story of a woman scorned as she spirals into madness. Gripped by a blinding rage against her unfaithful husband Jason, Medea seeks her revenge.
Embodying unconscious fears regarding unbridled female anger and power, the iconic figure of Medea has served as the prototype for female villains in art, literature, and film throughout history.
Following the performance, the actors and creative team will engage in a live discussion about the work.
With the purchase of an 8-euro electronic ticket, viewers can enjoy the live-stream of the powerful performance here.
A full catalogue for the 2021 season, including all upcoming works, can be seen on the National Theatre’s website.

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