Hollywood Tommy Lee Collaborates With Machine Gun Kelly On New Song

Tommy Lee Collaborates With Machine Gun Kelly On New Song

Tommy Lee on Instagram
Taken from Instagram/@tommylee

Tommy Lee collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly, who played the famous Motley Crue drummer in the Netflix series “The Dirt”, on a new song called “Climb”.

“Climb” is a genre mix was composed for a new four-part horror musical podcast called “Halloween in Hell”. Though the concept may sound a bit strange, “Halloween in Hell” has lined up an all-star cast of singers and performers, so expect some incredible music to come from this podcast event.

The podcast story plays out like a singing contest, only with the twist that it’s judged by the devil. This judge gets to set and change the rules of the competition whenever he wants.

At the end, only one singer wins unless all the competitors decide to work together.

Here’s what Machine Gun Kelly stated about the podcast:

“Jared Gutstadt (CEO of Audio Up Media) came to me with the whole vision and script. I just lent my voice. It’s sick to hear a podcast with sound design and a score/soundtrack like it’s a movie, and I like that the writer had the other characters, who are also my homies in real life, crack jokes on me whenever they could in the episodes.”

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