entertainment Celebrities When Kirk Douglas Distributed Aid in War-Torn Greece

When Kirk Douglas Distributed Aid in War-Torn Greece

Photo: Dimitirs Kokkonis, Pinterest

Legendary Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 103, actively supported the United States’ aid efforts for Greece in the midst of the catastrophic Civil War in the late 1940s.
Douglas can be seen in this rare photo distributing boxes with school items to young children somewhere in Greece as part of his voluntary work for the US Relief Aid Plan. The extension of military and economic aid to Greece in 1947 under the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan plunged the United States into a deep involvement in Greek affairs.

A longtime supporter of many civil rights and humanitarian causes, Kirk Douglas was well-known for a range of iconic starring roles, including the 1960 film classic Spartacus, in which he played the title character.
Born in New York to illiterate Russian immigrants in 1916, Douglas rose to prominence during Hollywood’s “Golden Age,” earning his first Oscar nomination for the 1949 film “Champion.”
The Hollywood legend was also the father of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas.

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