Greece Greece Signs Deal with Lockheed Martin to Upgrade F-16 Fleet

Greece Signs Deal with Lockheed Martin to Upgrade F-16 Fleet

Greece has signed a deal with Lockheed Martin Corporation to upgrade the country’s fleet of F-16 fighter jets, according to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.
The Security of Supply and Information (SSI) Agreement was signed Tuesday between the General Directorate for Defense Investments and Armaments and the U.S. company on Tuesday.
The Law 4650/2019 drafted by the Ministry of National Defense was recently voted on by the Greek Parliament.
The upgrade will cost $279 million and according to the Ministry of National Defense and the Greek Defense Industry, it is a necessary measure for protecting the country’s essential interests.
The U.S. company will also supply information and continuous technical support for the operational autonomy of Greece’s F-16 fleet and expand its operational capability.
The upgrade is expected to be completed by 2027.

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