Business Market for Second-Hand and Repurposed Items Soars in Greece

Market for Second-Hand and Repurposed Items Soars in Greece

Vendora, the new digital platform for buying and selling secondhand products in Greece, announced on Thursday the results of its recent nationwide research on marketing trends for resold items.
Although selling and buying used products is a widespread practice in many countries around the world, the concept has until recently seemed to be almost taboo for Greece.
However, this seems to be changing rapidly throughout the country due to the effect of both the spread of e-commerce and the difficult years of the economic crisis.
The new research has found that the secondhand market in Greece will actually double in the next five years due to a steady uptrend, while people from all age groups are now interested in buying and selling used items.
Apart from some people who purchase used items due solely because of their lower prices, others prefer them because of the variety they find on the resale market, with many unique items and even valuable antiques to be found there.
The research also discovered that men prefer used cars, video games, and mobile devices, whereas women prefer to search for and buy secondhand clothes and furniture.
“We are very pleased to be at the forefront of this profound change of perception by the Greek society,” says Robin Schuil, the founder of Vendora.
“The secondhand market is finally getting the image it deserves: it is a conscious choice, not only for the financial benefit of both buyers and sellers, but also because it significantly strengthens the local community, while at the same time being the right choice for the environment,” he adds.
The Vendora site, which was created to promote the reusability and repurposing of products via classified ads, is the fastest-growing classified ad site of all time in Greece.
More information on Vendora, and the results of its research, are available by clicking here.

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