Greece Greek Fertility Rate Among the Lowest in the EU

Greek Fertility Rate Among the Lowest in the EU

Greece had among the lowest fertility rates in the European Union in the year 2017, according to the latest figures published by Eurostat on Tuesday.
The EU statistics agency found that Greece was in the bottom five nations regarding population growth, with a fertility rate of only 1.35 births per woman, which was a decrease from a rate of 1.38 births in 2016. Cyprus and Italy had a slightly smaller rate at 1.32 births, ahead of Spain at 1.31 and Malta at an extremely low 1.26 births per woman.
France had the highest fertility rate in the EU, at 1.9 births per woman, followed by Sweden at 1.78 and Ireland, at 1.77 births.

Moreover, the average age of first-time Greek mothers was 30.4 years, slightly below Italy (31.1), Spain (30.9) and Luxembourg (30.8), and above Ireland (30.3).
The countries with the youngest first-time mothers were Bulgaria, with an average age of 26.1; Romania, with an age of 26.5; and Latvia, at 27.1.

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