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Albanian and Kosovar Leaders Mull ‘Greater Albania’ by 2025

Fatmir Limaj, a Kosovar mayor and the Albanian premier, Edi Rama (right) performing the ”Albanian eagle”, considered by many as a symbol for Albanian nationalism. Photo from Rama’s personal Twitter account

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stoked controversy on Monday following a meeting in the city of Peja, Kosovo between representatives of the Albanian and Kosovo governments. Rama spoke forcefully about the ongoing efforts of the two sides to achieve the unification of the two countries.

According to Albania’s Tirana Times, Rama called on the two foreign ministries ”to begin working on a common strategic draft that will unite Albanians by the year 2025”. He added that “I know very well what Belgrade or any other place will say but I see Albanian union as a necessity in the path to the EU.” He further remarked that the EU “should stop employing a two-faced approach.”

Following the end of the meeting, Rama uploaded a photo to his personal Twitter account where he, along with Fatmir Limaj, a Kosovar mayor from the Social Democratic Initiative, also known as NISMA, forms the infamous “Albanian eagle”. The gesture is considered by many to be a symbol for Albanian nationalism.

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