Greek News Economy Germany Warns Greece to Fulfill Post-Bailout Commitments

Germany Warns Greece to Fulfill Post-Bailout Commitments

German minister of Finance Olaf Scholz warned Athens to honor the commitments it undertook to exit the bailout era and stressed that the country’s agreements with its partners and creditors have to be respected.
In an exclusive interview with Greek daily Ta Nea, Scholz said that the agreements “provide the basis for investors and entrepreneurs to regain confidence in Greece and invest in the country.”
He refused to be drawn into speculation on whether the new round of pension cuts from January 2019 can be postponed, as has been suggested by leading members of the SYRIZA-led government.
He warned, however, against violating what has been agreed on about pensions, primary surpluses and the role of the IMF in the post-bailout surveillance of Greece.
Greece “has climbed a big mountain and Greek citizens can be proud of the fact that the country can set its economic path on its own,” says Scholz.
There is now the opportunity to revive the economy “with a prudent and reliable fiscal and economic policy.”
He added that with European support, “Greece has the space and the time” to reach out to the markets.

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