Greece Outrage as Protester Steps on Athens' Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Outrage as Protester Steps on Athens' Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Social media users in Greece are expressing outrage over photos of a man stepping and apparently resting on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens’ Syntagma Square.
According to reports, the culprit was participating in a demonstration against the sale of Public Power Corp. (PPC) power stations organized by the powerful GENOP union.
The man is seen resting with one foot on the tomb and playing with his worry beads.
A twitter user says that his grandfather who was killed in action during the Second World War never had a grave. “He gave his life so the man in the picture can step on the tomb and play with his worry beads. Sorry Grandad.”

Another says that not even the Germans during the Nazi occupation had shown such contempt for our collective historical memory.

For another Twitter user the photo represents the post-war decline of Greece.

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