Greece Greece Moves Ahead on Delayed ID Card Scheme

Greece Moves Ahead on Delayed ID Card Scheme

Millions of Greeks are to get new biometric ID cards after years of delays in meeting EU requirements first brought in 18 years ago.
An official announcement is expected this week on the launch of a tender for companies interested in taking on the multi-million-euro project.
Greek media report a delegation from the U.S. arriving in Athens this week to evaluate  Greece’s status on America’s visa-waiver program.
A functioning biometric ID card is thought to be an essential part of allowing Greek travelers to take advantage of the scheme.
It is reported the new cards will cost between €8-10 ($10-12).
Currently Greek ID cards are compulsory for all citizens aged over 12, cost €9 for first issue, are valid for 15 years and are distributed by police.

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