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Athens Mayor and Education Minister Plan to Revamp Derelict Empty Buildings for Student Housing

abandoned building athensAthens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis and Deputy Education Minister Sia Anagnostopoulou met to discuss fixing up around 100 empty and derelict building in Athens to use for much needed school housing for university students in Athens.
Currently there are only 14,000 available accommodations for student housing in the city center, accounting for just 9 percent of the 150,000 students moving to Athens for their studies each year.
According to a study by the National Technical University of Athens, there are a staggering amount of empty buildings totaling around 100 mostly around Omonia Square, on Panepistimiou and Patission streets, Psyrri and Metaxourgeio.
The majority of the buildings have been vacant since 2010 and since that same year, demand for state-subsidized housing for students has risen by almost 50 percent.
Kaman’s and Anagnostopoulou aim to revamp the city center and its accommodations for students. They have even considered revisiting an old proposal by the City Hall which suggests offering students different incentives to live downtown such as reprieve from paying municipal charges for one year.
According to Kathimerini, European Union funding will be made available to fund the project.

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