Greece Avramopoulos: Brussels Doesn't Have a Magic Wand to Stop Terrorism

Avramopoulos: Brussels Doesn't Have a Magic Wand to Stop Terrorism

The recent atrocious attacks in Orlando and France remind us that terrorism is an international and local problem because the majority of the perpetrators are EU citizens, European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said late Tuesday in Brussels.
The fact that these persons are European citizens, who have been radicalized and turned against their fellow citizens and our values within the EU indicates the pathogenies of the social structures of our societies and the imperative need to strengthen their cohesion, said Avramopoulos adding that “our answers to radicalization and the recruitment of terrorists must be holistic.”
The issue of those terrorists that return to Europe from conflict areas is alarming and we will propose the review of the Shenghen Information System (SIS) as well as systematic controls at the external borders for whoever enters or leaves, either European citizen or not.
Dealing with radicalization is not simple or easy. Brussels does not have a magic wand that will solve the problem nor can we work isolated at local or national level. The effective way of dealing with radicalization will come through a combination of actions and cooperation.
Source: ANA-MPA

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