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Mosaic Odysseys: An Exhibition of Contemporary Mosaics by Mosaicists from Greece and the UK


Mosaic Odysseys, is an international group of eleven acclaimed mosaic artists who have been brought together for a unique exhibition of mosaics inspired by the story of Odysseus.

Part of a Summer Festival of Mosaics being held in London Mosaic Odysseys will run for a week at the Hellenic Centre in London starting on Tuesday July 19th and finishing on Saturday July 23rd, with free admission.

Each mosaic maker will be exhibiting new mosaic work inspired by their own personal interpretation of the theme Mosaic Odysseys. The artists who will be featured at the exhibition are Artemis Klitsi, Vasso Spanou, Lydia Papadopoulou, Ioannis Touliatos, Alexandros Bassadis, Eftychia Finou, Nathalie Vin, Dugald MacInnes, Kate Rattray, Ariana Puntin and Aliyahgator.

Mosaic Odysseys next stops will be in Greece, as the exhibition will move to Athens and Mykonos. In Athens, Mosaic Odysseys will be held at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation from September 9th to September 18th and their final exhibition in Mykonos, will be at the Municipal Art Gallery starting September 23rd and finishing on October 3rd.

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