Greek News Archaeology Homer's Odyssey at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens

Homer's Odyssey at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens will have a special place in this year’s International Museum Day (May 18) as it has been chosen by the Greek Department of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) as the honoree museum, due to the completion of 150 years since its opening.
The anniversary events of the Archaeological Museum will last from May 16 until May 22. In celebration of the events, on May 18 (International Museum Day), the National Archaeological Museum is organizing the theatrical reading of the 24 rhapsodies of Homer‘s Odyssey, translated by Dimitris Maronitis and directed by Nikos Hatzopoulos, in the big hall of Vomos, from 10am until 12pm, with free admission.
The reading of the Odyssey will be done followed by music, in the “heart” of the museum, amongst the audience and 11,000 exhibits. The reading will try to combine the arts of the Muses, composing a unique cultural event which aims to read in further in the ancient Greek world.

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