Eleni Kounalakis On Her Ambassadorship, New Book and Hillary Clinton

Eleni KounalakisEleni Kounalakis was a successful land developer in Sacramento before she accepted an ambassador’s post in Hungary under Secretary Hillary Clinton.

After her post ended in 2013, Kounalakis retuned to the US and wrote a book on her experiences as a US ambassador in Hungary. Kounalakis, as well as her father Angelo Tsakopoulos, have been supporting the Clintons for as long as they have been in Politics. When Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for US President, Kounalakis joined her foreign policy advisory team and also organizes fundraisers for her campaign.

We met the first ever Greek-American woman to serve as a US ambassador at the latest Leadership 100 conference and she talked to us about what exactly a US ambassador does, her new book, and why she supports Hillary so passionately. Watch the video.

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