Top 5 Things to Experience in Lefkada

LefkadaLefkada island in the Ionian Sea may not be as well-known to non-Greeks as Mykonos or Santorini, but it has a wild, lush, natural beauty that is unmatched by most Greek island destinations, as well as some of the top beaches in Greece.
There is so much beauty and adventure in Lefkada that it can be hard to know where to start if you are a visitor to the island.
Here are the top 5 experiences you absolutely must try if you visit Lefkada this summer!
Swim at Egkremnoi Beach (Εγκρεμνο)
Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, if not the world, Egkremnoi stands out even among the especially spectacular beaches of Lefkada. If you can brave the 350 steps down to the sand, the cool, turquoise water will make your journey worth it. Bring towels and snacks for a full day to spend as much time on this amazing coast as possible.
Thealos Village: Stay at One of the Island’s New Luxury Villas
Thealos 1
Thanks to recent developments, such as a brand new marina, and increased tourism to the island, Lefkada has been developing its tourist infrastructure to cater even more to luxury travelers. If you are visiting the island and want to enjoy your own beautiful spacious villa by the sea with a private pool, book a stay in Thealos Village.
You will experience the best of Lefkada’s lush green mountains and clear blue sea, thanks to the villas’ hillside location just 200 meters from the coast. Best of all, though you are only 6 kilometers from the main town of Lefkada, you will be located in the picturesque, charming fishing village of Lygia, and get to enjoy the quieter side of the island while still being close to most of the restaurants and nightlife the area has to offer.
Thealos 2
Paraglide over Kathisma (Κθισμα)
Lefkada’s natural mountainous landscape, favorable winds, and tendency to attract young backpackers has led to it becoming a great destination for adventurous travelers. Get a whole new view of the island’s coastline from high up in the air, by taking advantage of one of Kathisma Beach’s many paragliding experiences.
Windsurf Lesson in Vasiliki (Βασιλικ)
If you want to try your hand at another sport, but remain in Lefkada’s beautiful waters rather than up in the air, try your hand at windsurfing in Vasiliki. Located on the southernmost part of the island, Vasiliki is often ranked among the top ten places in Europe for windsurfing, thanks to strong, steady winds. Get down to the beach in the morning if you are a beginner, as the soft breeze makes conditions favorable for teaching. More advanced windsurfers get into the water around 2 or 3 PM.
Sunset Meal at Rachi (Ρχη)

Exantheia Sunset
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The picturesque restaurant of Rachi sits on one of the island’s mountains high above the sea. Far removed from the bustling city center of Lefkada, Rachi juts out over the hillside in the traditional Greek town of Exantheia, full of centuries-old stone houses and kafeneia (καφενεἰα) dotting the narrow main street. Since Rachi faces west, the restaurant gives its guests a stunning, peaceful sunset view in addition to a delicious Greek meal. Have at least one dinner here while you’re in Lefkada!
These are just 5 of the many beautiful beaches, incredible restaurants, and fun activities Lefkada has to offer its tourists. Visit the island this summer and see why Lefkada is quickly becoming the jewel of the Ionian.

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