Europe Greek Singer Haris Alexiou to Perform in Izmir, Turkey

Greek Singer Haris Alexiou to Perform in Izmir, Turkey

alexiouA concert organized by the Agia Foteini community, will take place on Feb 6 in Izmir, Turkey, featuring Haris Alexiou. The famous Greek singer will be performing live with the musical group Takim. The concert is unique since it is the first concert in years to headline a major Greek singer and that it is being organized by the local Greek Orthodox church community that was recently recognized by the Turkish state.

When asked about the concert, Alexiou noted that the people of Izmir have honored her on several occasions, making her feel at home. “They have named an avenue after me, in Gaziemir municipality, where my grandfather, Giannis Sarris was born,” she said. “This time I was invited by his Excellency Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, therefore my attendance is even more valuable. It is very moving to sing at the place where my ancestors were born, over a century ago and to be loved by the Turkish and Greek people in Izmir.”

Haris Alexiou was born on December 27, 1950 in Thebes, Greece. She is considered one of the most popular singers in Greece and has been commercially successful since the 1970s. Throughout her career she has recorded over thirty albums and has been featured on albums of other musicians. She has gained a great audience in Turkey and several of her songs have also been sung by Turkish artists, such as “Ola Se Thymizoun” as “Olmasa Mektubun” by Yeni Türkü, Erol Evgin, Müslüm Gürses, Sevda Karababa and Pilli Bebek and “Krata Gia To Telos” as “Sebahat Abla” by Müslüm Gürses.

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