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The Ultimate Guide to Greece's Best Ski Resorts

Ski Resorts
Below you will find need-to-know information on eighteen of Greece’s most popular ski resorts, so you can choose the one that fits your winter holiday needs better!

Parnassos Ski Center
Parnassos Ski Resort

Parnassos (Base Elevation: 1660m – Summit Elevation: 2260m)
Parnassos Ski Center, stretching across the areas of Kelaria and Fterolakka, is one of the most popular destinations for skiers as it is the biggest and best organized ski center in Greece. Operating from December until the beginning of May, it is only a short distance from Arachova, Delphi, Agoriani, Polydrossos, and Itea.
Info: (19 ski runs, 7 ski routes, 2 main base station communication corridors, 8 connecting trails and 3 mini beginner runs with baby lifts, total length 36 km)
Gerontovraxos (Base Elevation: 1800m – Summit Elevation: 2200m)
Located on the southern slopes of Mount Parnassus, Gerontovraxos Ski Center offers panoramic views of the mountain slopes and the Corinthian Gulf’s sea. To get to the ski resort, you should turn right 3 km before Kelaria.
Info: (There are 3 ski runs, total length 2 km)
Kaimaktsalan (Base Elevation: 2020m – Summit Elevation: 2480m)
Kaimaktsalan Ski Center, operating from the end of November until the beginning of April, is one of the largest ski resorts in Greece. It is located in Mount Voras, overlooking Lake Vegoritida, Mount Olympus, Thermaic Gulf and the ski center 3-5 Pigadia.
Info: (There are 13 ski runs, total length 16 km)
Velouxi Ski Resort
Velouxi Ski Resort

Velouxi (Base Elevation: 1800m – Summit Elevation: 2040 m)
The ski resort of Velouchi is located in the area of Diavolotopos, 12 km from the town of Karpenisi, overlooking the mountains of Kaliakouda and Chelidona. It is open since 1974.
Info: (There are 7 ski runs, total length 6,5 km)

Vasilitsa (Base Elevation: 1646m – Summit Elevation: 2115m)
Vasilitsa Ski Center is located in the middle of Pindus, in a forest of pines, beeches and oaks, in the prefecture of Grevena, near the national parks of Valia Calda and Aoos-Vikos, as well as the rivers of Aliakmon, Aoos and Venetiko.
Info: (There are 15 ski runs, total length 16 km)
Kalavryta (Base Elevation: 1700m – Summit Elevation: 2340m)
Kalavryta Ski Center is situated in the mythical mountain of Helmos, just 14 km from the town of Kalavryta, 203 km from Athens and 103 km from Patras. In Mount Helmos, visitors can visit the famous river of Styx, in which according to legend, the Olympian gods swore their oaths.
Info: (There are 12 ski runs, total length 20 km)
3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort
3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort

3-5 Pigadia (Base Elevation: 1430m – Summit Elevation: 2005m)
The ski center of 3-5 Pigadia is located west of Mount Vermion in the prefecture of Imathia, 20 km from the town of Naousa. All the ski runs are etched into a forest of oaks. It is considered to be one of the best Greek ski resorts because of its excellent infrastructure.
Info: (There are 7 ski runs, total length 9 km)
Chriso Elafi (Base Elevation: 1540m – Summit Elevation: 1660m)
Chriso Elafi Ski Center operates in the area of Volada, 1.5 km from Seli Village, since 1980. It consists an ideal destination for both skiing and relaxation.
Info: (There are 5 ski runs, total length 3 km)

(Base Elevation: 1360m – Summit Elevation: 1620m)
In Metsovo, there are three ski resorts: Politses, Karakoli and Anilio. Politsies can be found 4 km from Metsovo. Its ski runs are considered to be easy, while it hosts chalets, ski schools and rental equipment shops. It has been open since 1968, the year the first lift was installed.
Info: (There are 5 ski runs, total length 2 km)
Seli Ski Resort
Seli Ski Resort

Seli (Base Elevation: 1520m – Summit Elevation: 1900m)
Seli Ski Center, being the oldest ski resort of the country, is situated on the southern peaks of Mount Vermion, 1.5 km away from the village of Seli.
Info: (There are 19 ski runs, total length 15 km)
Elatochori (Base Elevation: 1450m – Summit Elevation: 1974 m)
The ski resort of Elatochori is located on the northeast side of Pierian Mountains. The base of the ski center is at an altitude of 1450m, 8 km from the village of Elatochori and 36 km from the town of Katerini.
Info: (There are 6 ski runs, total length 12,6 km)
Vigla (Base Elevation: 1650m – Summit Elevation: 1970m)
Vigla Ski Center can be found in Vigla area, where the mountain chain of Vitsi meets with Persteri mountains, on the Florina-Kastoria highway. It is about 3 km from the mountainous village of Pisoderi.
Info: (There are 9 ski runs, total length 13 km)

Pertouli Ski Center
Pertouli Ski Center

Pertouli (Base Elevation: 1170m – Summit Elevation: 1370m)
Pertouli Ski Center spreads at the foot of Mount Koziakas between Pertouli and Elati. It is a unique landscape of natural beauty, because it is immersed in the trees, in the magical location of Livadia.
Info: (There are 5 ski runs, total length 2 km)
Falakro (Base Elevation: 1620m – Summit Elevation: 2230 m)
Falakro Ski Resort is located 42 km from the city of Drama. Overlooking the open horizons of Eastern Macedonia, the Bulgarian villages and meadows, Mount Olympus, the Aegean and Thasos, Falakro Ski Center in Drama attracts lots of winter sports enthusiasts each year.
Info: (There are 20 ski runs, total length 20 km)
Lailias (Base Elevation: 1600m – Summit Elevation: 1847m)
Τhe ski center of Lailias is located on the north side of Mountain Vrondos in the Ali Baba area, in a forest that is full of beeches and pine trees.
Info: (There are 2 ski runs, total length 1,5 km)
Mainalo Ski Resort
Mainalo Ski Resort

Mainalo (Base Elevation: 1550m – Summit Elevation: 1770m)
Mainalo Ski Center is situated in the area of Ostrakina in Mount Mainalo, 30 km from Tripoli.
Info: (There are 8 ski runs, total length 5,5 km)
Vitsi (Base Elevation: 1610m – Summit Elevation: 1875m)
Vitsi Ski Resort is located near Polykeraso Village, 22 km away from the city of Kastoria.
Info: (There are 5 ski runs, total length 5 km)
Agriolefkes (Base Elevation: 1320m – Summit Elevation: 1471m)
The ski center of Agrioleukes is located at the foot of Mount Pelion, 2 km. from Chania, Magnesia. It is probably the only ski resort in the world that is so close to the sea. There, visitors can enjoy marvelous views to the Aegean, Pagasetic Gulf and the Thessaly meadows.
Info: (There are 5 ski runs, total length 12 km)

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