Greece Tsipras Admits He Should Have Negotiated Differently in New Documentary

Tsipras Admits He Should Have Negotiated Differently in New Documentary

Almost 11 months with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the helm of Greece and the bailout is still here.
In the fourth episode of Paul Mason’s documentary “This is a Coup” Tsipras opened up about the Greek referendum and the bailout deal that he agreed to, which many have felt to be a reversal of the “No” vote that won the referendum.
When Mason asks Tsipras what he would have done differently during the negotiations with creditors, the prime minister lamented one aspect of his government’s strategy.
“I think that we lost time. And at the end we were out of force and out of money. If we knew that, we would make more brave decisions at the beginning,” he said.
Despite admitting that the course of events following the referendum were not positive, Tsipras highlighted the importance of the referendum itself.
“The fact that these people had the right, had the chance to express their feelings and to feel dignity was something very important. These were historical times for Greece and for Greek people and these times happened.”
Tsipras admitted that the Troika and the bailout still remains a fact for Greece to this day, contrary to the commitment he had made to end Greece’s relationship with them.
“I think they (creditors) did whatever they did to me, to us, to Greece not only because they did not like us but just because they did not want to have a domino effect in other European countries,” he said.
You can watch the fourth episode here:

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