Greece Aggelos Argyris: From Volos to the Bundesliga and Werder Breme!

Aggelos Argyris: From Volos to the Bundesliga and Werder Breme!

Αργύρης: Ακολουθώντας ένα όνειρο…
Former Niki Volou defender, Aggelos Argyriou, signed a 1,5 year contract with Bundesliga side Werder Bremen becoming the fourth Greek to join the club.
The relations between Germany and Greece are not going so well in the political scene, but when it comes to football, they´re on a whole different level. The country that hosts the most away-from-home Greek footballers decided to invite one more. His name is Aggelos Argyris (Αγγελος Αργυρης) and besides 8 caps with Niki Volou in the Greek Superlague he has literally nothing else to type on his resume.
When it comes to the Bundesliga and Werder Breme though, the scouting department is flawless. The club that among others, also rose Sokratis Papastathopoulos and Aggelos Haristeas to stardom, took another risk by purchasing the rights of the young Greek center-back from the diluted Greek club Niki Volou.
Argyris Argyriou heard of the German side´s interest through Sokratis Papasthapoulos’ (plays for Borussia Dortmund) management office who passed on the news and invited him to the city of Breme for a trial. It wasn’t long till the 20-year-old returned to Volos to pack his essentials and move to Germany and sign an official contract.
The youngster will begin training tomorrow with the reserve team in hope of eventually escalating to becoming a crucial part of the Werder Breme’s first team, just like Aggelos Charisteas, Alexandros Tziolis and Sokratis Papastathopoulos had done in the previous years.

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