Greek News Economy 2.6 Million Greek Taxpayers Fail to Pay Taxes

2.6 Million Greek Taxpayers Fail to Pay Taxes


There are 2,653,032 Greek taxpayers who are drowning in tax debts as they cannot afford to pay the increase in taxes. As a result, the amount of the overdue debt obligations from January 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014 reaches approximately 10.098 billion euros.
Only 92,323 or 3.48 percent of all excise debtors have regulated their debts during 2013. As a result, the Greek State will be collecting 304.7 million euros.
According to the Greek Finance Ministry’s data, since June 1, 2013, when the tax debt regulations were launched, until January 2014, only 5.24 percent of the total regulated their debts.
This data certifies the inability of the Greek taxpayers to regulate their debts and those who decided to regulate them are very few.

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