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Campaign for Appliance Recycling

FA672AC1D0CECDC7982FBEA2D3C928BEThe Appliance Recycling launched its new TV spot on Sept. 4 trying to get Greeks, who often throw their rubbish in recycling bins, to recycle their old appliances.
“Be the example. Recycle your old electrical appliance,” is the campaign slogan to help the environment and to show the importance of reusing the materials in old appliances.
Inspired by the charm of a hero, the campaign organizers created a scenario of a strong emotion. This is the story of a little boy, whose father seems like a superhero , when he delivers the old refrigerator for recycling in the workshop of the municipality.
This new campaign approaches the public in a positive way and encourages them to undertake the recycling of old appliances. The campaign supports the values ​​of the appliance recycling, such as the environmental conscience and social progress .
The television campaign was created by the advertising company Cream, under the production of Stefi, with Alexandra Alexandraki as producer and was directed by Vardis Marinakis .

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