Europe A Spanish Song with Greek Lyrics

A Spanish Song with Greek Lyrics

These musicians (Apurimac featuring Paspala Elli) are trying to remind us that there are thousands of Greek words in every language. As a result, they created this song entitled “My last tango in Athens” which has almost every lyric in the Greek language.

Only the refrain is in Spanish which could be translated as following: “This is my last tango in Athens. A sorrowful tango running through my veins. This is my last tango in Athens. A f… tango running through my veins.”

Famous music band Apurimac collaborated with singer Elli Paspala for this song, where every word has Greek roots. Argentinian composer Daniel Armando recounted during an interview with the Ellinofrenia radio show that he got inspired to write this song during a trip to Cuba when he entered a book store and found a book entitled “17,000 Greek words in the Spanish language.”

Watch the full video below:


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