Canada Canadian Ambassador Meets With Greek-Canadian Businessmen in Toronto

Canadian Ambassador Meets With Greek-Canadian Businessmen in Toronto

“This year, Canada is celebrating 70 years of friendship with Greece, since diplomatic relations between the two countries were officially established in 1942”, stated the Ambassador of Canada to Greece, Robert Peck, during his meeting with Greek – Canadian businessmen at Toronto National Club, in the presence of the Ambassador of Greece, Eleftherios Aggelopoulos and the Consul General of Toronto, Demetris Azemopoulos.

Mr. Peck noted that Greece may be going through difficult times, but there are investment opportunities on behalf of Canadian businessmen, stressing that Canadian businessmen have already made a huge investment in goldmines in Halkidiki, while they are preparing for other major investments in Greece too.

The Canadian ambassador was informed on the business activities of significant Greek Community members and noted that the Canadian Embassy of Athens wishes to celebrate the 70-year friendship between the two countries in the most festive manner.

On his part, the Ambassador of Greece, Eleftherios Angelopoulos, noted that Greece is rapidly and creatively heading towards reforming the legal framework regarding the possibility of quick investments, inviting Greek – Canadian businessmen to invest in the homeland.

The host of this meeting was Greek – Canadian businessman Daniel Argyros, who owns a major investment firm in Toronto, while many of the other businessmen are dealing with renewable energy sources and other sectors of the Canadian economy.

On the same evening, the consul general of Greece in Toronto, Demetris Azemopoulos, hosted a reception in honor of the ambassadors of Greece and Canada, E. Angelopoulos and Robert Peck, respectively, attended by representatives of the Greek Community in Toronto.

Among the guests was the first Greek – Canadian appointed to Supreme Court, Ms. Karakatsanis.

During the reception, businessman Ted Matziaris announced that, inspired by the Consul General’s activitity in Toronto, Demetris Azemopoulos, he will offer 250.000 dollars for three scholarships in Canada’s best private school for three Greek women who have never had the opportunity to study, due to high tuition fees.

The three scholarships will be provided annually, under the names of Consul General, Demetris Azemopoulos, the Ambassador of Greece, Eleftherios Angelopoulos and Canadian Ambassador, Robert Peck.

Lastly, the reception was attended by the Greek students of Toronto, who in late April, will be holding the Pan-American Student Conference in the city.


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