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DNA Study Shows When Ancient Greeks Colonized Italy

A recent DNA study by an international team of scientists showed when Ancient Greeks colonized Magna Graecia in Italy. Magna Graecia is the name of the coastal areas of southern Italy and Sicily that were extensively populated by Greek settlers. The...

Jobs With Highest Risk of Being Replaced by AI

Princeton University has recently published a study highlighting 20 occupations most at risk of becoming redundant thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The study revealed that call center operators are the most at risk of losing their jobs,...

Greeks Are Descendants of the Mycenaeans, DNA Study Confirms

DNA evidence suggests that living Greeks are indeed descendants of the ancient Mycenaeans, who ruled Greece from 1,600 BC to 1,200 BC.

Scientists Propose Firing Moon Dust Into Space to Fix Climate Change

Scientists from the University of Utah, USA, say that firing moon dust into space could help stop global warming.

New NASA Team Begins Independent Study on UFOs

A team of NASA researchers have started an independent investigation into UFOs, now referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), with a new team of 16 people. According to a statement from NASA, the investigation will last 9 months and...

First Direct Evidence That Babies React to Taste in the Womb

A study led by Durham University in U.K. gives the first evidence that unborn babies react to taste in the womb.

Alert Over New Zoonotic Virus Discovered In China

Scientists are on alert over a newly-discovered virus in eastern China, which made at least 35 people sick.

Study Finds Greek Kalamata Olives Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol

A study conducted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens found that  Kalamata olives help reduce bad cholesterol and improve the overall health of people who include them in their diets. Olives are well-known for their benefits when eaten...

People Trust Computers More Than Humans, Study Says

A new study reveals that people may be more willing to trust a computers than their fellow humans, especially if a task is too challenging.

Sleep Apnea Affects One in Two Men in Greece, Study Finds

Half of Greek men and one in five women have sleep apnea syndrome, according to a study released recently by Greek scientists.