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Lord Byron: The Romantic Poet Who Died for Greece

Lord Byron is one of the first and best-known philhellenes who actively participated in Greece’s War of Independence.

American Philhellenes and the Greek Revolution of 1821

American Philhellenes came to the aid of the Greek people during the Greek Revolution of 1821 and became brothers in arms for liberation.

John Kerry Awarded Lord Byron Prize for Philhellenism in Greece

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed former US Secretary of State John Kerry at the 2021 Lord Byron Award Ceremony. 

Philhellenes: Modern Era Guardians of Greece Abroad

Greece honored acclaimed US philhellenes, archaeologists Sharon Stocker, Jack Davis and Charles Williams on Philhellenism Day on Monday.

Harvard Talk Features a “Reconsideration of the Greek Revolution”

Dr. Panagiotis Roilos, will talk on Harvard and Philhellenism as part of the chair's series "Reconsidering the Greek Revolution."

Free Open Philhellenism Seminar at Greek Center in Melbourne Stemmed With Success

The free open seminar that took place at the Greek Center in Melbourne on Thursday, September 29, was met with success. The event, titled "The Creation of Modern Greece: Art, Mesologgi and Philhellenism in the 19th Century," was presented...

Open Seminar at Greek Centre Melbourne Explores Art, Mesologgi and Philhellenism in the 19th Century

Join a free open seminar at the Greek Centre in Melbourne taking place on Thursday September 29. The seminar titled The creation of modern Greece: Art, Mesologgi and Philhellenism in the 19th century will be presented by lecturer Spiridoula Demetriou...