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Popular English Names You Had No Idea Were Actually Greek

It may come as a surprise to many parents choosing a name for their child, but many of the most popular English names are actually Greek!

The Naming Customs of Greece, From Ancient Times to Today

Although you may know a fair bit about Greek naming customs today, there are name traditions which go all the way back to Ancient Greece

Popular English First Names You Had No Idea Were Actually Greek

Every young couple who is expecting a child at some point has to face the difficult task of choosing a name for their newborn, whether it be a girl or a boy. Longstanding tradition or family history might save you...

Greece's National Team for Basketball World Cup Revealed

A final list of the twelve players from the Greek national basketball team which will play in this year's Basketball World Cup in China was revealed on Friday morning. The Greek squad will be comprised of the following players: Giannoulis Larentzakis Nick...

So What Are the Most Popular Boy and Girl Names In Greece? Just Ask Wikiwand

British daily newspaper, The Independent, published maps listing the most common names for boys and girls around Europe. The data comes from Wikiwand. The charts held few surprises, with the name Sophia popular around East Europe whereas Emma is...

Greek Lawmakers Get Lagarde List

Greece's Financial and Economic Crime Unit (SDOE) has sent to a Parliamentary Preliminary Investigation Committee the list of 919 Greeks with in secret Swiss bank accounts that hasn't been checked for tax evasion for more than 2 1/2 years....