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Italy’s Mysterious Mycenaean-Like Cyclopean Walls

Cyclopean walls found across Italy have puzzled archaeologists for centuries as their building origin remains a mystery.

The Mystery of the Greek Skeletons Found in an Indian Lake

Researchers have determined that skeletons found at India's Roopkund Lake belonged to Greeks who visited the site in the 1800s.

26-Year-Old Titanic Mystery Finally Solved

The Titanic shipwreck mystery has finally been solved due to the 2022 Titanic Expedition. Paul Henry Nargeolet and his team of researchers discovered an extremely productive and dense ecosystem at a 2,900-meter depth. Nargeolet, a veteran Nautile submersible pilot, dove...

Mystery Sarcophagus Discovered Beneath Paris Notre Dame

The mystery sarcophagus discovered beneath the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris last month is set to reveal its secrets very soon.

Solve Thessaloniki's Mysteries at the 2nd Mysticon Festival

The 2nd Mysticon festival in Thessaloniki from September 13 to September 18 brings fun, excitement and mystery to the northern Greek city. The event, held in the framework of the Thessaloniki International Trade Festival (TIF) - HELEXPO and Thessaloniki...