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What Did Alexander the Great’s Tomb Look Like?

The quest for Alexander the Great's tomb has occupied researchers for centuries. However, another interesting issue surrounding the famous conqueror's resting place is the question of what Alexander the Great's tomb actually looked like. Fortunately, we have a variety...

Alexander the Great’s Tomb: One of History’s Greatest Mysteries

For over 2,300 years, researchers and historians are trying to find the Alexander the Great Tomb, something that remains one of the world's greatest mysteries

Where is Alexander the Great’s Tomb? The most Plausible Scenarios

As one of the most famous people in history, countless individuals have tried to locate Alexander the Great's tomb. It seems shocking that the burial place of such an important figure could be lost, yet that is the case....

Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Jerry Lee Lewis Dies at 87

Jerry Lee Lewis, the rock’n’roll legend who became one of the most infamous figures in popular music, has died aged 87, his publicist has said. After Elvis Presley came Jerry Lee Lewis, and what a follow-up he was! With...