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Work and Wages in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is the subject of immense scholarly and popular attention. Unsurprisingly, The focus tends to be on the grandest moments of ancient Greek history such as pivotal battles or discoveries made by famous philosophers and scientists. Much less attention...

Hygiene, Baths and Religion in Ancient Greece

The word hygiene comes from a French Latinization of ὑγιεινή (hygieinē), which means "health" or "healthy." It comes from the Greek term ὑγιής (hygiēs), which signifies "healthful" or "wholesome." Hygiene was personified as a goddess in ancient Greek religion. Hygiene...

Rediscovering the Music of Ancient Greece

Music was ubiquitous in ancient Greece, but somewhere along the line, the way in which it was composed and sounded during its time was lost.

Harpist Performs the Oldest Song in the World in Ancient Greek

A young harpist has performed her version of a 2,000-year-old ancient Greek song, thought to be the oldest complete piece of music, which was dedicated to two lovers. In the video, 28-year-old Melegie strums the harp as she plays the...

Ancient Greeks Built Ramps for Disabled in Public Buildings

The use of ramps for people with disabilities is an ancient Greek innovation that experts have recently confirmed.