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Greece’s Top Winter Destinations

Greece is known around the world for its sunny summers, white sand beaches, and crystal- clear waters, but there is another equally magical and exciting side to the country. There are many winter destinations that will make anyone drop...

Dispilio: The Lakeshore Prehistoric Settlement of Greece

The Dispilio Lakeshore Prehistoric Settlement is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in northwestern Greece

Kastoria: The Lakeside Gem of Northwestern Greece

Kastoria is a beautiful lakeside city in northwestern Greece famous for its fur and leather trade and its rich history that goes as far back as Byzantium

Autumn on Mainland Greece at Its Best: Must Do Trips

A Must To Do Trip Visit Mailand Greece during Autumn and experienced at its best, because its beauty nature is magical at this season!

Love Story of Greek Swans Ends Tragically in Death, Heartbreak

The love story of two swans in Kastoria, Greece has ended, with the female swan's death and a heartbreaking display, as the male swan was left reeling her loss on Tuesday. For the past week, Kastoria residents have been enchanted...

Christmas 2021 Celebrations Planned Throughout Greece

Christmas celebrations in theme parks have been very popular in recent years and this holiday season will be special as they were closed last year because of the pandemic

Top Ten Places You Should Visit in Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece is undoubtedly the top destination for those who are drawn to ancient ruins and other symbolic places of Greek classicism.

Mother Bear and Cub Filmed Raiding Greek Cherry Orchard

A mother bear and her cub were caught red-handed as they climbed over an enclosure to raid a cherry orchard in the region of Kastoria

Huge Blast Levels Hotel in Greece’s Kastoria

A huge blast destroyed a hotel in Kastoria, northern Greece, early Thursday morning. No injuries have been reported. The blast, which occurred at 1:30 a.m., brought down the three-story building, scattering fragments of glass and metal objects in a radius...

Culling of Thousands of Coronavirus-Infected Minks Begins in Kozani, Greece

The procedure to cull a total of 2,500 thousand minks began in Greece's northern city of Kozani on Saturday. All 2,500 minks had contracted the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. The infected mink population is located in the village of Kaloneri of...