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J & J Booster Highly Effective in Preventing Omicron Hospitalizations

A new South African study shows that the J & J booster shot is effective at minimizing hospitalizations associated with the Omicron variation of the virus. The study showed that the second shot of the Johnson & Johnson product proved...

FDA Panel Advises Johnson & Johnson Booster Shot for All Adults

An FDA advisory panel endorsed the Johnson & Johnson booster shot for all adults on Friday; the final decision to approve the booster for general use now rests with the FDA itself. The panel recommended that there be a 2-month...

Unvaccinated People 11 Times More Likely to Die from Covid-19

Reinforcing the need to vaccinate as the Delta variant of the coronavirus marches across the globe, several studies undertaken the the US' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that those who are unvaccinated are 11 times more likely...

US Pivots, Distributing Vaccine According to Demand — Not Population

The White House announced Tuesday that it will distribute coronavirus vaccines according to demand, marking a shift in vaccine distribution.

FDA Calls for Halt to Administration of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

The USFDA called for a halt to federally-sponsored inoculation campaigns using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson Sends New Vaccine to FDA For Approval

The American Food and Drug Administration will begin to review the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which the company states is 100% effective at preventing hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19, on February 26. The Johnson & Johnson product -- in contrast...